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Abersham Road, Hackney E8, side-return 

Abersham Road, Hackney E8, loft 

Abney Gardens, Hackney N16, refurb

Aden Grove, Hackney, rear extension & roof extension 

Albion Road, Hackney N16, refurb

Amhurst Road, Hackney N16, refurb &roof extension

Bantrach, Scotland, barn & cottage conversion 

Barnwell Road, Brixton SW2, side-return & roof extension

Beatty Road, Hackney N16, garden studio

Beltran Road, Hammersmith & Fulham SW6, loft

Birkdale Road, Hangre Hill W5, loft conversion

Bramley Close Walthamstow E17, side & rear extensions

Campbell Road, Bow E3, conversion from flats to house 

Cassiobury Road (1), Walthamstow E17, rear extension, loft

Cassiobury Road (2), Walthamstow E17, loft

Chesterfield Road, Leyton E10, side/rear extension & loft

Clacton Road, Walthamstow E17, loft

Clarence Road, Merton SW19, rear extension

Clive Road, West Dulwich SE21, extension & loft

Copeland Road, Walthamstow E17, extensions & loft

Coppermill Lane,Walthamstow E17 loft &garage conversion

Crowland Terrace, Islington N1, rear extension 

Crown Works, Tower Hamlets E2, external staircase

Cumberland Road (1), Walthamstow E17, loft &extension

Cumberland Road (2),  Walthamstow E17, loft &extension

Dundonald Rd, Brent NW10, refurb, extensions, loft 

Edinburgh Road, Walthamstow E17, loft &extension

Eldon Road, Walthamstow E17, side-return extension

Evering Road, Hackney N16, loft

Fairlie Road, Hampshire, internal alterations & extensions

Farleigh Road, Hackney N16, refurb, rear extension

Farnborough Avenue E17, refurb, side & rear extensions

Gambole Road, Wandsworth SW17, loft 

Greswell Street, H'smith & Fulham SW6, loft

Grosvenor  Road, Margate extension  

Gunton Road, Hackney E5, extension 

Harberton Road, Archway N19, side-return & refurb 

Harbord Street, H'smith & Fulham SW6, loft 

Highbury Station Road, Islington N1, rear extension

Holmewood Road, Lambeth SW2, loft  

Ickworth Park Road, Walthamstow E17, loft

Ivanhoe Road, Southwark SE5, side-return, loft 

Kitisuru, Kenya, 5 new houses

Lambton Road, Islington N19, side-return, studio 

Lancaster Avenue, Lambeth SE27, rear extension

Lansdowne Drive, London Fields E8, side-return

Lathom Road, Newham E6, side-return 

Latimer Road, Newham E7, extension & refurb

Lenthall Road, London Fields E8, rear extensions

Leswin Road, Hackney N16, side-return & loft 

Lordship Road, Hackney N16, internal alterations 

Lordship Road, Hackney N16, rear extension

Manor Road, Hackney N16, side-return & rear extension

Masbro Road, H'smith & Fulham W14, rear extension

Middleton Road, London Fields E8, extensions

Mildmay Road, Islington N1, rear extensions 

Milton Road, Walthamstow E17, extensions

Myrtle Road, Walthamstow E17, rear extensions & loft

Northchurch Road, Islington N1, rear extensions, refurb 

Oakhill Road, East Putney SW15, conversion to flats

Oakley Road, Islington N1, rear extension 

Palace Road, Haringey E8, side-return extension

Park View, Islington N5, roof terrace

Parklands Road, Wandsworth SW16, internal alterations

Pellat Road, Southwark SE22, rear extension

Penwith Road, Wandsworth SW18, loft 

Peterborough Road, Fulham SW6, extension, basement

Powell Road, Clapton E5, side-return

Purves Road, Brent NW10, loft 

Radlet Avenue, Lewisham SE26, rear extension

Rattray Road, Lambeth SW2, side-return 

Reedholm Villas, Hackney N16, side-return 

Robson Road, Lambeth SE27, rear extension 

Rouse Gardens, Southwark SE21, rear extension

Salisbury Road, Walthamstow E17, refurb & extensions

Shepperton Road, Islington N1, refurb (Listed building)

Somerset Road, Walthamstow E17, extensions & loft

Speer Road, Elmbridge, extension & internal alterations

Sunnyside Road (1), Leyton E10, wrap around extension

Sunnyside Road (2), Leyton E10, loft

St John's Road, Walthamstow E17, loft, side-return

St Jude Street, Hackney N16, mansard roof extension

Tideway Wharf, Putney SW14, internal alterations

Thurlow Park Rd, Southwark SE21, rear extension, loft

Upland Road, East Dulwich SE22, side-return & loft 

Underhill Road, Southwark SE22, rear extension

Unthank Road, Norwich NR4, rear extension

Walford Road, Hackney N16, loft conversion

Walford Road, Hackney N16, side-return

Warwick Street, Oxford OX4, internal alterations 

Westwood Park, Lewisham SE23, extensions, loft 

Winifred Road, Merton SW19, internal alterations

Woodend Road, Walthamstow E17, loft & extension

Woodfield Avenue, Ealing W5, loft conversion

Woodwarde Road, East Dulwich SE22, extensions &loft

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